Are they really good people

Biggest problem of any SNS is that there are stories that impresses people and others.

The biggest question is that IS IT TRUE?
Many arE just thought anD written for your attention and mostly for affiliatE income.

People who share are not that they really care buT they are people that want for YOU to see that HE/SHE cares.
These people want to be looked as “nice” or “good” people. Of course, there are really good people that want to help. These people already help out whether they are sung r unsung and give what they can.

But look at Facebook.
All you see are hypocracies and lies in the ads! YES, they are ADs!

Do you really want to change the world?
Facebook is just a FAKEbook and won’t change much of life in many, especially in the developed nations.

You have to think if it’s really worth it to change the world.


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